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Ceoerty™ AcuTouch Ear Massage Pulse Device

Ceoerty™ AcuTouch Ear Massage Pulse Device

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Calm your ears and prevent ringing attacks with our Ceoerty™ AcuTouch Ear Massage Pulse Device! Before introducing our product, let’s hear what our happy customers are saying.

“I endured some years of discomfort of ringing in my ears. I have taken pills and even went to ENT doctors but it didn't work and they said there was no help for it. But after using Ceoerty™ AcuTouch Ear Massage Pulse Device, the ringing  & discomfort were all gone and I can hear better! I am so glad I found this device! No more ringing! I cannot thank you enough!” - Gregory Helwig, Chicago

“Tinnitus relief, finally! Ceoerty™ AcuTouch gave my ear ringing relief after 3 years of suffering from it. The fullness, pain, hearing loss and ringing cleared up after using this ear pulse device. My ear has greatly improved! This is a foolproof way to find relief for your ear problems and discomfort in no time.” - Trisha Collins, United Kingdom

Understanding Tinnitus: What causes it?

Tinnitus, commonly referred to as ‘ringing in the ears’, is the perception of sound in the ears when or head without any external source. Tinnitus often presents itself as a ringing sound, although the sound experienced can vary, including buzzing, hissing, whistling, or roaring. 

A variety of other conditions can lead to tinnitus, including blockages of the ear due to a buildup of wax, an ear infection and the natural aging process, which can cause deterioration of the cochlea or other parts of the ear. Tinnitus can be bothersome and impact a person's quality of life, causing stress, anxiety, and difficulty concentrating. 

Your gateway to soothing ear relief!

Ceoerty™ AcuTouch Ear Massage Pulse Device represents a revolutionary solution designed to combat tinnitus discomfort. This remarkable device employs advanced technology to target and stimulate both the auditory nerve and the auditory cortex - essential components of the auditory system,with the primary goal of diminishing the perception of tinnitus. The device offers a promising avenue for alleviating the distressing symptoms associated with tinnitus, potentially providing much-needed relief and improved overall well-being for individuals affected by this persistent auditory challenge.

What is Corresponding Neuromodulation Therapy?

The Corresponding Neuromodulation Therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free treatment method. It uses pulse frequency resonance to stimulate a nerve wave frequency, regulates the activity of autonomic nerves, improves blood circulation in the inner ear and auditory conduction pathways and strengthens local immunity. By targeting these pathways, corresponding neuromodulation therapy seeks to alleviate pain, improve function and facilitate healing in the inner ear without the need for invasive procedures or medication.

Clinically Tried & Tested by Experts

“Throughout my extensive medical career, my unwavering dedication has been to seek out the latest and most cutting-edge technologies. That's precisely why I wholeheartedly endorse Ceoerty™ AcuTouch Ear Massage Pulse Device as a treatment option for my patients dealing with ear health concerns. Recognizing its non-invasive nature and rapid effectiveness, the device's ability to provide relief from these distressing symptoms without the necessity of prescriptions and medications." - Dr. Eric H. Knapp MD Otolaryngology (ENT) General Otolaryngology/ENT

More successful recovery from our happy customers:

“Ceoerty™ AcuTouch Ear Massage Pulse Device is really effective in relieving the annoying buzz on my ears and was able to help me perform better at work. Now my clients are happy that I can now hear them loud and clear and I easily get the work done because I can focus more now that my ears are clear and the attacks of tinnitus are already seldom. Best decisions I’ve ever made for my well-being.” - Wilma Gibson

“I am very grateful for Ceoerty™ AcuTouch Ear Device because it really helped me improve my ear health and relieved me from my head-splittingTinnitus. This product gave me more focus in communicating with our clients and made them very satisfied with my service.” - Lloyd Marshall

Why choose our Ceoerty™ AcuTouch Ear Massage Pulse Device?

✓ Relieves tinnitus and reduces noise in the ears

✓ Optimal ear well-being

✓ Precise & targeted tinnitus symptom relief

✓ Improve quality of sleep and life

✓ Improves blood circulation to the ears and relieves headaches

✓ Non-invasive and drug-free approach

✓ Proven safe and effective

✓ Convenient and easy to use

Usage Directions:

  1. Begin by ensuring the ear and surrounding skin are clean and dry.
  2. Carefully put the device to the affected ear, following the provided instructions for proper placement.
  3. Activate the device as per instruction and allow it to run for the recommended duration.
  4. Use consistently for optimal results.

Package Included:

Net weight: 9g

Power source: USB Charger

1 x Ceoerty™ AcuTouch Ear Massage Pulse Device

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Ceoerty™ AcuTouch Ear Massage Pulse Device

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